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Types of Voltage Regulators

Types of Voltage Regulators

A device which maintains the affair voltage of an ordinary power force constant irrespective of
cargo variations or changes in input a.c. voltage is known as a voltage controller. 


Types of Voltage Regulators


A voltage controller
generally employs electronic bias to achieve this ideal.

Types of Voltage Regulators- There are introductory two types of voltage
controllers viz.,

(i) series voltage controller (ii) deviate voltage controller.

types of voltage regulators

The series controller is place in series with the cargo as shown in Fig-1 (i).

On the other hand, the shunt controller is place in resemblant with the cargo as shown in Fig-1 (ii).

Each type of controller provides an affair voltage that remains constant indeed if the input voltage varies or the cargo current

1.For low voltages

For low d.c. affair voltages (upto 50V), either zener diode alone or zener in confluence with transistor is use.

Similar inventories are call transistorise power inventories.

A transistor power force can give only low stabilised voltages because the safe value of VCE is about 50 V and if it's increased above
this value, the breakdown of the junction may do.

2.For high voltages

For voltages lesser than 50 V, glow tubes are use in confluence with vacuum tube amplifiers.

Similar Inventories are generally call tube power inventories and are considerably use for the proper operation of vacuum faucets.

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