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C Program Learning Part-8

DECISION MAKING AND LOOPING   Given a number, write a program using loop to reverse the digits of the number. For example, the number 12...

Md. Mahmudun Nabi

village fair full composition

Village Fair   A fair is a large public event where goods are buy and sell and where there is often entertainment. A village fair is hold in...

Engineer Simple

My Most Favourite Personality-Full Composition

Introduction I have been taught of a lot of people since my birth on the earth. Again I have read a lot a lot of great men who are still rin...

Engineer Simple

natural calamaties in bangladesh full composition

NATURAL CALAMITIES in BANGLADESH   Bangladesh is such a country that is affected by various national calamities almost every year. It seems ...

Engineer Simple

unempowerment of women in bangladesh full composition

Unempowerment of women in Bangladesh   Empowerment means the process of giving power and authority to be polished fullstop empowerment of wo...

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freedom of press full composition

FREEDOM of PRESS   Pree includes print midea i.e. newspapers and magazines. Freedom of press denotes an atmosphere in which media profession...

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How to be successful in life

How to Be Successful in Life   Everyone wants personal success and  to find out  the keys to success. Everyone wants  to possess  a cheerful...

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how to solve analogies

How to Solve Analogies   Questions involving analogies ask  to seek out  the connection  between the pairs of words  the connection  between...

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the game i like most full composition

THE GAME I LIKE MOST   Introduction: Our physical as well as mental health. They give us energy and strength.  They instill in us a sense of...

Engineer Simple

my first day at college full composition

MY FIRST DAY at COLLEGE   Introduction All the days of all life are not equally important and memorable. only a few of these days of buy a c...

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