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Full Compositon of Modern Science

Introduction: The modern age is an age of science. There are many wonders of science. It has made our life easier and comfortable. Science p...

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School Education Should Be free

Introduction: It is a universal truth that education is the backbone of a nation and school education is the basis of all education. Controv...

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Education For All Full Composition

Introduction: Education is the backbone of a nation. No nation can prosper without education. Mass education is the education which is meant...

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Good Manners Composition Update

Introduction: Good manners are those qualities that make a man gentle, polite and well behaved. It can be anything which made with a warm he...

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Baishakhi Mela Paragraph

Baishakhi mela-meaning-when sits - picture of rural Bangladesh - stalls of things- things available- cultural functions- people of all ages ...

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Pakistan New Prime Minister 2022

Shahbaz Sharif; How did the new Prime Minister of Pakistan become the Prime Minister in a hurry from the Opposition? First, Mr. Imran did no...

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Machiavelli on International Relations

International politics and Machiavellianism "Strong as a lion, cunning as a fox. Mark the last sign of the enemy. Do not hesitate to wi...

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Cold War

The conflict between capitalism and the socialist world Introduction     The Cold War is an important topic in international politics. It be...

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China's Debt Trap

China's Debt Trap China's debt trap is now a widespread complaint. Although the debt trap strategy is quite old. Through this, the l...

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How to Form Questions in English

How to Form Questions in English কিভাবে ইংরেজিতে প্রশ্ন করতে হয় (How to Form Questions in English)     Step-1: Question Word= যে শব্দ ব্যবহ...

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